Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sunday Grab Bag -- Don't Eat Farmed Fish

A common bumper sticker in both the slightly left leaning downtown and the mildly right leaning valley issues the command "Don't Eat Farmed Fish." Most of the stores sell plenty of farmed fish, with a few good exceptions. There is no stand-alone fresh fish market in town, but Super Bear Market isn't a bad place to look for Alaskan seafood, fresh or frozen. Prices aren't much (if any) better than Seattle, but it can be worth it. I like to buy straight from the dock when I can, and last year bought some of the best fish I've ever had from a local family that delivers, and plan to do so again. Local shrimp are great, and keep better than anything in the freezer.

A truck with the sticker in the valley...

A hound dog waits in front of Super Bear market in the valley...

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  1. But I've read somewhere that now the seafood is available online too, that's also fresh. Now you can enjoy seafood even market is far from your place


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