Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hifalutin Word of The Day


Once the Shakespearean spelling but now a bad name for an unsuccessful  necktie gag product, not really a real word. The "Serendipitie" product line includes Guacamole, Red Salsa, Green Salsa, Black Bean, and Onion, all with hand-painted tips meant to suggest that the tie has recently been "dipped" at a party. Think rubbery fake vomit and you are close.

The real word, with contemporary spelling,  "Serendipity" is one of those concepts popular in the 1960's used to describe the moment when you find something (usually good) that you did not expect to find while looking for something else (you bend over at a party for the perfect chip, for instance, and like a divining rod your tie finds the perfect dip). "Lucky" or "Luck"  are often good substitutes.

Serendipity is sometimes confused with the German word "Schadenfreude,"  but the first describes a momentary condition of one's good fortune that you can choose to take advantage of (aided by curiosity and dumb luck and perhaps good judgement) and the second describes the pleasure some feel at hearing about or observing the misfortune of others.

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