Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Former Tidal Slough

This is just a semi-educated guess, but I think you are looking at an old tidal canal. As the glaciers have melted over the years the land has risen and the tidal areas have receded. Now it is more like a freshwater pond, albeit a long, skinny one. If you follow the road out towards Eagle Beach, you can find this to your left, not far from the side. Wear rubber boots and don't get too close or you'll be swimming.

About The Free Photographs


You’ll notice that most of the photographs on my blandly named site “Juneau Photographs” are not priced to make any profit and that you can download them at full resolution. I still retain full rights to them, but if you would like to use them personally or for school that’s fine, just send me a note about how you are using them. If you are printing a huge print for your wall in your nice house, please send me a few bucks via paypal ( ). If you are a non-profit I will likely give you a copy, but let me know first please.

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John Krumm

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Red Breasted Sapsucker

Found at Fish lake on Douglas Island yesterday...