Monday, May 24, 2004

Jimmy Massey

Democracy Now came through with a great interview of Marine staff sergeant Jimmy Massey today. Massey discusses how his platoon quite routinely killed innocent civilians at checkpoints, and the effect this had on him. If you can't listen to the link, you can also read the transcript.

The rain has finally arrived here in Juneau, just in time for my new gardens. Check out the clouds at the new weather link at the bottom right of the page.


  1. hey thunder mountain..I like your new name.
    Are you near a mountain called thunder or did you invent it. In half an hour I get a "free" massage, then will pay Michael in advance so I have one coming.

    Just picked up senior commodities and redistributed the stuff I can't use like pasturized cheeze, huge cans of tuna, canned vegies, six boxes of chocolate pudding, farina, etc. to an ex client now on chemo and looking like a toothpick.

    Liked your column.....sent you a clip[ from Newsweek on how blobbers even make money. Hey hey.

    Glad its raining there.....its trying to rain here but
    after threatening clouds warns us of a possible deluge, it just spits a bit of water and then moves on.

    take to you soon. Love, Montana

  2. Great Democracy Now show. I'd read about Jimmy Massey a few months ago and it was good to hear him tell his own story in his own words. Thanks.


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